Remainder of German dates postponed


Sadly, the decision was collectively made by my partners, our agency and reluctantly, yours truly ... to cancel/ postpone the balance of dates on this German Tour. I’m quite sick and that’s all there is to it. No voice, bronchitis and feeling thoroughly wiped out. The Warrior is down but not out wink

After visiting a great doctor in Augsburg, Bavaria, this morning, Dr. Andreas Weigel, I felt buoyed up enough, armed with meds, to set off for Switzerland but as the day progressed, I knew that my health was further waning. My voice, which never usually lets me down, simply vanished and was replaced by the worst pain in my throat in addition to the bronchitis and accompanying deep chested cough.

So, that’s it. We’re going to reschedule for sure (in May hopefully) and the venues have been very understanding and kind. Hopefully our fans will understand too. I feel bad for our support on this tour; the Doris Brendel Band who collectively put such a lot of effort into their shows and of course all the travel and expense they’ve incurred but there was simply no way out of it and my feeling is that to have continued, would have been seriously risky all round. Thank you guys for taking it on the chin. Your new material sounded fabulous and I know that many of our fans have taken you to their hearts.

Best wishes ~ A.P.

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