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Promo Polish Style

They really know how to promote a band in Poland. They wanted to give us the car at the end of our tour but we had no way of getting it back home. Shame! ~ A.P. …

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Swinish Device

Swine flu was actually around in Poland, back in the Middle Ages. Here you see a device that the poor victims would have to wear. By this means it was clear to all in the neighborhood that you were to be avoided at all costs. I jest.

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Beautiful Poland

The weather here has been outstanding - really. We are now in Torun. What a beautiful city - especially the old town. It's a Unesco World Heritage site. Amazingly well preserved architecture and a wide and fast flowing river Vistula nearby. Muddy and I stopped there by the river, for a beer and just sat in the sunshine and watched the river flow.

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Altered States

One of the pleasant sides to travelling, I find, is that you are presented with a kind of ‘alternate universe’ a different view of what you perceive to be reality. This …

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America’s Got Talent

It was pouring last night but felt cosy to be in the car driving over to my old town, Westport CT., centre of so many Ash activities and songs from back in the 70’s. We used to live there and would hang out at the beach and the Players Tavern watching artists like Patty Smith and the like.

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Round and Round We Go

A few years ago I decided to sell my vinyl collection, some 800 albums. Partly because I wanted to let go of the past and partly because I was flat broke. You can all guess which one was the main reason..Anyway, a friend of mine bought the collection, because he didn´t want them to go to a dealer. And I would allways have the option of buying them back.

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