Bob Skeat

Bob Skeat was born in London into a musical environment. His father, Bill Skeat, played woodwind instruments, and from the ’60s to the ’80s was one of the top session musicians in the UK. Bob studied piano from the ages of 5 to 11.

As an early teenager, Bob listened to pop and rock – everything from T-Rex to Led Zeppelin – but when he heard "Burlesque" by Family, he knew that he wanted to play bass. His uncle Len (one of the country's top jazz bass players) gave him his first bass, and he's been hooked ever since. He started playing in school bands, and was gigging by the age of 16

He went to music college at 19 to study string bass and piano, and soon after turned professional. He has toured, gigged and recorded ever since. From the late ’80s, he has played with Colin Blunstone, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Hazel O’Connor, Chris Farlowe and Toyah Willcox. All along, he has done sessions with other bands and recorded TV ads and radio jingles. Bob has also been a demonstrator for Marshall bass equipment.

Bob met Andy Powell when he was recording bass lines for the Trance Visionary album. Andy asked him to step in for the following tour. That band gelled and became the next incarnation of Wishbone Ash. Bob says, "Wishbone Ash's music is a pleasant challenge, as the bass is often called upon to play a harmony-melody line, rather than just underpinning the music."

Recently, Bob and former Wishbone Ash guitarist Laurie Wisefield have been performing in the hit musical, "We Will Rock You" - the Queen story produced by Brian May - in London's West End and is pleased to have played on a track for Alabama 3's (of "The Sopranos" fame) new upcoming album.

Bob's favorite bass players are Jaco Pastorius and Pino Palladino amongst many. Currently Bob endorses and uses Hartke Amplification and MusicMan Basses.

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