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Schwerin Castle


No matter how much I think I’ve seen almost every town in Europe, there is always some new place that pops up, and as you drive in, you find yourself looking around in …

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More from the Fount

More from yours truly, taken from a recent American interview: 1) When will the new CD be available in the States? What's left to be done (i.e. mixing)? We are hoping for …

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Andy Powell Poland Interview

„Playing in this band is easy” – these are Your own words. But this statement wasn’t always true, was it? The career of Wishbone Ash is signed by personal conflicts, …

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On the Road

Hi Everyone, We are gradually making our way into southern Germany - Aschaffenburg, actually, which is not too far from Frankfurt and officially Bavaria. We have a day off! …

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Ancient Remedy

Came across this little gem the other day, recorded at out AshFest in Scranton PA a few years back. I'd love to play with Tony Di Marco again ( fiddle ) - what a talent. My …

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