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Japanese friends

We are all watching with horror the images coming out of Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami there on friday. Just today we heard that the city of Ishinomaki in …

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Products we like to endorse

The road is a great place to discover new products. Last year in Eastern Europe there was that great Polish vodka brand sold in a glass replica of a Kalishnakov rifle. This …

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New Pendants!

We have an alternate Wishbone pendant design from Moonpaths Jewelry. These sterling silver pieces are available on the merchandise stall at all shows. A limited quantity of …

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Poland. Yeah! Ecstatic welcome at all shows. People remember - that's for sure and they are up for the new stuff too. Longish drives but thankfully not too much snow. Gotta …

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Schwerin Castle


No matter how much I think I’ve seen almost every town in Europe, there is always some new place that pops up, and as you drive in, you find yourself looking around in …

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