US tour wrap

Well, that’s a wrap. Now for the long journey (5 days or 48 hours drive-time) home. We climbed in our tour vehicle, up to a 5,000 feet elevation late last night, post-show, in Sacramento and encountered snow and this morning plus skiers, trying for the last sun-drenched runs of winter in the Sierra Nevadas.

The guys all flew home from San Francisco so Pauline and I are now trucking across Nevada on the California Trail. Back in the 1850s 250,000 pioneers took this route traveling in wagon trains. Humbling thought!

We also humbly thank the great audiences we played to on this tour. We really did have a great time right from the starting point in Virginia. Everyone has been helpful, so enthusiastic and we’ve had great venues, great crews and great fans encouraging us all the way. Thank you all!

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