Things to do in Vegas…

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted a blog, but I just got back from a great trip to Vegas so I thought I'd share some experiences in case you think of visiting... I'll keep it short.

I suppose most people go to Vegas to gamble and get drunk. I don't enjoy either of those activities, but there's still plenty to do. You can spend a couple of days just walking around and checking out the crazy hotels. While I was there I saw the Sphinx, Paris, New York, fountains of Rome, and a canal in Venice (in the shopping mall on the first floor of the Venetian). I've been to Vegas before, and every time I go I'm surprised at how vast these places are. The weird thing is that I went to Vegas before going to Paris or Rome. When we toured in Italy I took a few days off to go and visit Rome and all I could think was "this looks just like Caesar's Palace." Having done the two of them I can tell you that Rome is slightly more impressive. However, the colosseum at Caesar's Palace is in better nick. The Italians seem to have let the ball drop with that one.

I was very pleased when I found out that Sting would be playing the colosseum while I was there. It was a minimalist line up with my favourite drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta, back behind the drums. That filled my Friday night. I managed to see a different show every night I was there. That's really what I like about Vegas. I think it's probably the best place in the world to see shows. They all have custom built stages because they run for so long. For example, the Blue Man Group in Vegas is very different (and significantly more impressive) than the same show in London or New York.

Having been to Vegas a few times I've now pretty much seen all the shows I've wanted to see. This time round I really wanted to see the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show - Love. Last time I was there it was their day off. It was a good show, but I can say, with all honesty, that if you're going to Vegas and want to see a show, go to Treasure Island and see Mystere. You will not be disappointed. It's the first show I ever saw there (about 10 years ago) and left a huge impression back then. Since seeing that I've checked out as many of the Cirque shows as I can and none of them come close to Mystere - not even when you get to listen to The Beatles all night. This time round I'd decided to see it again and it was just as good. So good, in fact, that I'd happily have gone back the next day to watch it again.

On the final night Rachel convinced me that we should jump off a building (I'll include the video below,) I actually found it a little disappointing. It seems that it takes a lot to get me excited these days. I actually preferred the Big Shot (the needle on the top of the Stratosphere that shoots you up into the air.) Still, having thrown myself off a building I now feel like a bungee jump would be fine. That's an activity I'd been avoiding, but I think it could actually be pretty good fun.

Ok, that's all from me. I've got some sleeping to do...


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