The Three Musguitars

What a righteous sound 3 lead guitars, all playing harmony lines, can make, if handled correctly. Such was the case when we hooked up with our old compadre, Ben Granfelt, at On The Rocks in Helsinki recently. The show opened with Muddy’s daughter Rosita, and her band playing some moody Northern rock with fiddle accents and octaved male / female vocals, the latter being courtesy of the charming Ms. Manninen.

Then for our show, Ben joined Mud and me on the songs Faith, Hope and Love, Almighty Blues as well as encores, Blind Eye and Jailbait. As Muddy said to me after the show; “Ben really ramps up the energy level on stage, doesn’t he?” Indeed he does and the crowd loved it, including a diehard contingent of British fans who’d made it over specially, to lend their support. I really must thank Ben and our friend, and Ben’s drummer, Miri Mietinnen for organizing backline equipment for our show. This was to be the last of a 35 tour through 10 countries and it did not disappoint. We’d decided to fly in and do this one while our crew and the two vehicles travelled back to Hamburg and on to London.

It feels pretty good to have completed such an ambitious tour and it’s only the beginning of the year. Hearfelt thanks to our brilliant crew Daniel Vetter, Andy Clark, Pete Knuttinen, Olaf Broders, Kai Gessler and the best tour manager in the business, Holger Brandes.

The trick will be to keep highly organized and to pace ourselves as we work through some 90 dates during the next 6 months. There will be time changes, different seasons, different cultures and ways of working to deal with but I’m confident this little team of ours can handle it all with style and grace plus some serious rock and roll chutzpah.

~ A.P.

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