The Show Goes On!

Bobby made it with a couple of hours to spare! His total travel time; 40 hours. Don't ask! The show went great and the fans came from far and wide to celebrate Wishbone's arrival in beautiful San Diego, California. There were so many good vibes around that we totally forgot the tiredness factor. I was really impacted by peoples' stories of love and respect for this band at the post show meet & greet. Also, Humphrey's really is a class venue where quality acts like Jackson Browne,Diana Ross (yes, the Supremes diva herself) and Joe Jackson can be enjoyed. The accommodations are first class and the location cannot be beat. If you are ever in SoCal check out their summer music program and visit the city while you are at it.

Yesterday, I went walking by the bay before breakfast and enjoyed watching a lone seal hunting for food among the yachts and later, Joe, Tom and I had a look  around Balboa Park which had some extraordinary botanical exhibits. Their cactus park and orchid house was mind-blowing. I'm a bit of a nature freak and to see Venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants, like the pitcher plant, was really something for me. There was a beautiful sculpture park featuring the work of two British sculptors, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. That made me proud. I'd recently visted Ms. Hepworth's house and museum in St. Ives, Cornwall so it was interesting to see her work here, so many miles away. We did not get a chance to visit the museums and zoo but will save that for a later visit I think.

A quick footnote; Muddy and I were outside, backstage after sound check and watched in disbelief as an older gentleman gunned his giant motor cruiser at full throttle, into the marina and then into another boat while his helpless wife looked over the stern rail in disbelief. Maybe one too many mojitos?               

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