Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

So, Wishbone Ash did make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame situated in Cleveland Ohio - though perhaps not by conventional means. I’ve been there many times, as a punter, of course but I’ll share a pretty funny story with you that never made my book, Eyes Wide Open - True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior. A fan and gentleman by the name of Scott Pickard, a welding expert and steel builder, from Youngstown Ohio, has been a friend of the band for many years, including sometimes selling merchandise for us on the road.

Back in the day, when the Hall of Fame was being built on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Scott and his crew were commissioned with constructing the steel skeleton for the lobby area of the building, a complicated steel framework, Scott had the brilliant idea of welding the name “Wishbone Ash” (formed with a large bead of weld), onto the main structural beam that holds up the building! You have to love that ingenuity! There we are, enshrined for all time, into the very fabric of the building. I met up with Scott recently in Florida where he now resides, and he once again shared the story and accompanying photo.

We’re 5 shows into the US tour of the the south and west, but really we’re on our 8th or 9th country since the beginning of the year. With barely time to catch our collective breath after playing some great shows in Poland and France, we found ourselves wending our way through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia after arrival in Washington D.C. The dogwoods were blooming and the cherry blossom was gorgeous and after our show in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was wonderful to see the wild wisteria everywhere. Yes, we’re loving the south and the audiences have been so welcoming and pretty raucous too!

We cruised on down to Atlanta where we played the famous City Winery and they even produced our very own bottles of Wishbone Ash Cabernet Sauvignon for the occasion. Life is good. Today we got new strings on the guitars and did some minor maintenance and repacking and I’ll be changing the oil on our trusty tour vehicle. 3,500 miles and we’re only 5 shows in to the tour so far! We’ve eaten well on this tour, Japanese hibachi steak, crawfish and frequent visits to our favorite Wholefood Markets. I’m giving thanks for good weather and cool runnings although we did hit a bad storm in Northern Florida yesterday.

The band is so road-seasoned right now, after all the recent dates, that you’ll really be hard pressed not to leave your seats at some of the musical fireworks from the stage. My eyes have even popped wide open after hearing some of the licks Mark, Bob and Joe have been firing at me. It’s such a blessing to be in a band like Wishbone Ash. I can’t even begin to tell ya. The positivity and synergy between the members is truly awesome.

To cap it all, the Vintage Years 30 CD deluxe box - set is due for release any day now and just to let you know that it’s already now 75% sold - out with pre orders, so if you are interested do get on that quickly! So we hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows - and don’t forget that we usually make a point of hanging out at the merchandise stand after the show. Don’t be shy in stopping by to say hello. We love all your stories ‘cause you are all a part of the WA experience too.

Best wishes and best bones ~ Andy Powell

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