Poland. Yeah!

Ecstatic welcome at all shows. People remember - that's for sure and they are up for the new stuff too. Longish drives but thankfully not too much snow. Gotta praise the organization, catering and hotels. Tomorrow we head to Gdansk, birthplace of the Solidarity movement, supposedly a very nice city close to the Lithuanian border. We get to stay in the old town. Next up after that is one of our favorite places, Torun.

~ A.P.

Poland Continued....

Brilliant show last night in Gdansk. Must be the youngest audience ever! Tons of energy, warmth and emotion. Beautiful city with some Scandinavian elements and some kinda German feel at times while being unmistakably Polish. Mick, from Smokie came by to watch the show and banter in the dressing room. Joe has been helping him out with some drum tracks for his solo project. They play in town tonight. We got merry drinking serious Pilsner Urquel - fab stuff! The venue was superb and located kind of in the hotel. Strange but cool and it meant we could relax a little more, post - show. Easy drive today. Good weather. Life is good!

~ A.P.

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