Pauline’s Notes from the Road: US edition

In just one week we have gone from bone-chilling blizzards to bones in Bob’s breakfast cereal. We have just left behind us serious flooding in Davenport, Iowa where many of the roads downtown are closed. Yesterday we discovered a nail in a tire and repaired the trailer roof - good timing, because today we are driving through miles of farmland in a downpour, heading towards Minneapolis. Never a dull moment on the road with Wishbone.

I’m sure everyone who has been to a show will agree - no dull moments. The one thing that I’m always aware of when watching the guys is that they not only play a blinding set, but that they enjoy doing it - and this mindset, of course, transfers to their audiences. A great time is had by all.

It’s always good to see familiar faces each year of friends and fans - and to get acquainted with new ones. With a 50-year anniversary looming, it’s pretty awesome that there are people still coming to their first Wishbone concert, after discovering the music through parents and even grandparents.

So - how does one encapsulate 50 years of Wishbone Ash? Not easily, it seems.

Wanting to have a program for the 50th year, I once again delved into our memorabilia boxes - so many photographs, so many memories and just so much lack of organization.

Looking through all the photos, the task started to become time-consuming because of the sheer volume of interesting pics. It wasn’t long before realization dawned - Superwoman I am not ? I have neither the time nor expertise to produce a quality product, although I do have the inclination.

Enter Kate Goldsmith, publicist extraordinaire, and one for whom this kind of thing is child’s play. Talking of such - who knew that cut-and-paste doesn’t involve scissors and glue anymore? ? I’m only joking, but with Kate on board I’m discovering all sorts of things, such as paper quality, weight, silk or glossy finish, etc. - none of which I had considered. Now, along with uber UK fan Nick Bartholemew, we aim to bring to you a quality 50th Anniversary program for the UK Tour and beyond - in 12 pages no less.

So, still driving, still raining and not a gas station or coffee shop in sight.

America - I love it. Every day is a new adventure. Join us on this one if you can. All tour dates on

Until next time - Pauline

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