Pauline’s Chronicles: On the Road Again

The very first single I bought was "On the Road Again" by Canned Heat, which I played enough to wear out.

Little did I know that years later it would be the backdrop for my life. Fortunately, though, I don’t feel as if I’m wearing out - yet.

By the time 1969 had rolled around my musical tastes had gone through many variations, but Fleetwood Mac was always a constant.

Andy and I recently took in one of their concerts - Neil Finn has now taken the place of Lindsey Buckingham- the latest in a long line of changes (no pun intended) for this band 😝 Peter Green has been gone for years, Jeremy Spencer is doing his own thing - sound familiar? I wasn’t wishing them back on stage - although I was hoping that the whirling dervish that is Stevie Nicks would fall off it. You can’t please everyone.

But ...... the band played hit after hit. We heard songs that brought back memories from 30 years ago, as well as more recent music - and loved every moment.

Such is the essence of Wishbone. The original band do not need to be together on a stage for the music of 50 years ago to be played and enjoyed. Actually, the original band have only written a fraction of the music over the past 50 years.

50 years - think about it folks. Joe and Mark were not even born when the original band were conceiving half of the music that both of them now play. It sounds as good now as it did 50 years ago. Better in some cases.

Many of you reading this will have come to appreciate Wishbone when the line-up was not Andy, Ted, Steve and Martin. Many of you are so new to the band you only know Andy, Mark, Joe and Bob. They are Wishbone Ash.

Your favorite albums often reflect your introduction to Wishbone Ash - memories surface every time you hear a certain song, whether it be "Phoenix" or "Way Down South." I can never hear "I’d Rather Go Blind" without being transported back to The Railway Arms in Harrow, UK as a teenager and sitting a few feet away from Christine McVie ( Christine Perfect as she then was) singing with Chicken Shack. Memories- the only way to turn back time😊

Wishbone will always include those incredible songs that brought the original band into the spotlight, so you have the full spectrum. I never tire of "Warrior," but I also love "Blue Horizon," and I know I’m not alone in appreciating a varied span of musical years.

Sophie, our 12-year-old granddaughter, recently asked Andy when he was going to retire from ‘being a rock star’. This is the same young lady, who, at preschool was asked to name something that rolled. She announced to the class - my grandad - he Rocks and Rolls. He sure does Sophie, he sure does. I don’t think he will be retiring any time soon.

This is a year to celebrate and feel glad that the word retirement is not in Andy’s vocabulary. It’s a busy year. XLIX ends in October and then the Golden Age begins.

The next stop is Japan and, in fact, Joe is already there, having decided to see some of the country before the shows on March 16th and 17th at Club Citta. Following those shows will be the much anticipated US Tour.

However, after that I am being challenged by Andy’s movements. NY - London- Lyon- Dublin- London- South Africa - Marseille- Carpentras- NY ... I should be a travel agent.

So, as I stare into the empty chasm of my suitcase I know it will soon be filled with a black ‘this’ and a black ‘ that’ and few black ‘others’ - Road gear. This time next week we will all be in Japan. So.....

Plants watered - check
House sitter- check
Passport- check
Phone - check
Wallet - check
Suitcase - getting there

Retirement- nah

Still singing that same old tune - On The Road Again and loving it.

Looking forward to seeing you all at a show of your choice in the coming months. You know it will be great.

Best - Pauline x

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