Pauline’s Blog from the Road , Part 2

The band are now in the third week of their UK Tour. One day is now beginning to blur into another but every day, wherever they are, audiences are treated to Wishbone’s special brand of music. From London to Inverness and all points in between, the guys take the fans on a 49-year musical journey and everyone, bar none, sings along with Blowin’ Free 😀

Tonight we are in Wales - it is raining outside and the sky is intermittently showered with brilliant sparks of color as fireworks, in anticipation of Guy Fawkes night on November 5th, decorate the darkness.

Inside the hall it’s also dark, and pretty cold, but with another full house anticipated that is sure to change. Lorna, Bob’s wife, and myself will be ready as the new CD - Roadworks 5 - and XLIX tour tees fly off the merch table to all you eager fans.

Of course, smelling roses along the way is always necessary, and we take every opportunity we can to add bunches to the touring schedule. Two nights at the excellent Titanic hotel in Liverpool allowed us all to reconnect with The Beatles and, for those of us needing warmer clothing, enjoy a little retail therapy.

Scotland, just the name makes me smile, was wonderful. After the hustle and bustle of London, the countryside was a peaceful relief. Glasgow, Edinburgh and then way up to Inverness, where our warm garments were very welcome and where, strangely enough, Andy has family. Powell’s are everywhere 😀

Touring is a wonderful way to catch up with those family members you don’t see very often. So far we have seen Andy’s Mum, four cousins, a nephew, an uncle and a second cousin. Still a sister, niece and who knows who else before the tour ends.

Perth, in Scotland, also reunited Andy with a lost love, one I always knew would come back into his life one day. 😩

It’s been a few years since we sold our last Morgan car and so the opportunity to test drive the new roadster was too tempting and was not to be ignored. So Mark and I patiently waited as he sped away to who knows where, only to return 30 minutes later exhilarated but frozen. I guess a real test drive has to be done with the roof down even in late October. Love rekindled😍

Before leaving the frozen north Andy, Mark and I took a tour around the Dalwhinnie Whisky Distillery, where we learned all about the making of this famous distillation and discovered that we were pretty adept at sampling whisky on empty stomachs.

Stoke on Trent was another walk down Memory Lane when Jon Camp, he of Renaissance fame, came to the show. So many good times and good people to remember and a few to hopefully reconnect with. London in the '70s - there was nothing like it. Wardour Street, Kensington Market, Bibas - and then of course the constant round of get-togethers.

And so tomorrow it will be one more show, one more hotel and more stories to add to our lexicon of tales of the road.

Come join in the fun - there is always a show down the road. Come see Félix Rabin who is touring with the band. He’s a great talent and is making audiences sit up and pay attention. Just come, be entertained and have a memorable evening. You will not be disappointed🎸🎼🎸

Best - Pauline

Pictured: Lorna at the merch table

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