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Note: If you've been following the band on Facebook, you might have noticed that Pauline has quite the knack for chronicling life on the road. The problem with Facebook posts is ... well ... after a few days they get lost in the feed. So, come here and check often for her witty and informative insights!

I’m not usually one for primal screaming, but crowds, traffic jams and inefficient cell phone service has had me on the verge of displaying my vocal chords in a big way this past week.

My vocal chords have nothing like the quality of those belonging to Mervyn ‘Spam’ Spence and so, in looking for a reason to lower my frustrations and save a few poor innocent eardrums, I have consoled myself in the knowledge that the crowds and traffic jams are all due to the fans heading to a Wishbone show and the diminished cell reception due to all of them calling friends to tell them about it.

And that may well be the case. The band have only performed three shows so far on the UK Tour, not including AshCon, and as is to be expected each one has received rave reviews and houses full of supportive fans.

Starting in Whitby, at The Whitby Pavilion, the guys were supported by Félix Rabin with his special brand of blues rock. Although new to Wishbone audiences, Félix was warmly received and was greeted by many at his merchandise stand after the show. Don’t miss him, folks.

Talking ‘bout merchandise .......our new XLIX, 49th year, shirts are proving to be popular, as is the new Roadworks CD recorded on the last US Tour in Sacramento, and the first to feature Mark Abrahams- we have plenty! Please stop by the merch to pick up your copy and have it signed by the guys at the Meet and Greet after the show.

AshCon, itself, was another story. This year the annual band convention hosted by Guy Roberts, was held at the Y Theater in the heart of Leicester, close to hotels, restaurants and public transportation. The venue itself was the perfect size, providing an intimate setting for everyone who came from far and wide to share good times with friends and their favorite band and to hear special guest Spam Spence in fine vocal form - Facebook posts have already given this event a big thumbs up so there is no need for me to wax lyrical any more but ............ it was great, really great.

We were not fortunate enough to be at The Barley Mow pub the previous night to see Wishclone Ish perform, as well as Mike Day and others, including Spam who joined the throng. This pre-convention get together on Friday night is now a standard rite of passage to get in the mood for the Real Deal, but the band usually are playing elsewhere and cannot attend. One day maybe.

Hotels feature largely on a tour - they can make or break an evening depending on what they are like. Years ago the main thing to expect was the personal mini bar in each room - times have moved on, but the bar still remains high on the list of needs. Now, not so much to run to your room and get wasted, but to sit and socialise after a show, to catch up with everyone and most importantly to unwind before heading off to a repeat performance the following day.

I’d like to give a huge shout out to our hotels in Whitby and Hunstanton, not just for their bars but for just being excellent places to stay. The Raithwaite Estate and Caley Hall - we will return!

However, after standing in the reception area at the hotel in Peterborough amidst the weirdness of adult men and women taking care of lifelike ‘reborn’ dolls, I think I will check on their agenda before booking there again. It is not for me to criticise the actions of people who feel the need to act this way - I am not a therapist - but it did make me wonder why one would find it necessary to nurse a doll, change a diaper on a doll, push one in a stroller and so on? Bereavement? Arrested development? Or something more sinister? And musicians are supposed to be eccentric!!!

This coming week the guys head south to London - more chat and thoughts will follow.

If you haven’t already, get your tix for a show. You will not be disappointed.


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