New Year thoughts….

It's strange. A friend's wife (I'm sure she was well-meaning wink patronisingly asked me, "Just exactly how do you deal with being on the road all the time? I mean, how do you and especially your family handle it (poor luvs)? I honestly looked at her and thought "you're 'avin' a laff?" I mean, travel, performing etc. brings way more benefits than you can imagine. Sure, sometimes there's some angst, some stress or whatever but isn't that true of life in general?

I dunno. I've been doing it so long, I'm at home wherever I am. My family actually likes to get rid of me from time to time too wink But...they also get to visit cool places where I might be, as well. We have firm friends all over the world with all their different cultures and perspectives. All in all, not a bad life for my family, my friends and me. God bless music, travel and diversity! See you down the road apiece. Rock on and Happy New Year!!!

~ A.P.

P.S. Some photos here, of Barcelona, Spain - showing the 60 years, work-in-progress, of architect Gaudí's Sagrada Família church. Also here, the amazing park he designed, decades ago, Park Güell.

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