New Rising Star

We’re having a lot of fun touring with the Jimmy Bowskill Band once more, as openers. They hail from Canada. A couple of nights ago, backstage, the two bands were trying to outdo each other with road stories while celebrating the 19th birthday of our merchandiser, Simon Atkinson. (You seemed to enjoy that cake, Simon - it disappeared in about 20 seconds!) Young Jimmy is also only 19 but he certainly satisfies our crowd with his soulful vocals and fiery guitar playing.

In these recessionary times, it feels good to be showcasing other acts on our shows and it also kicks our butts, making us work even harder on stage. So it’s a win win for both us and the crowd. We’ve recently enjoyed having David Go Go join us (also from Canada) and later we are hoping to have the Pat McManus Band join us on certain dates.

Talking of road stories: it’s hard to beat those of our tour manager Mr. Holger Brandes who just got off a round the world tour with Finland’s Stradovarius. The logistical nightmares of moving a band of crazed Finns from Peru to Equador to China and the USA and so on, have to be heard to be believed. A dab hand at tour managing myself, I would not have wished for his job but I have to say his photos of the whole thing were incredible.

Today I got word that we’ll be appearing on Manchester’s Channel M on April 30th. It is a North West regional magazine show but it is available via Sky all around the UK.   There’ll be a live interview for two of us and they’ll probably play of video of ours and also there will be an interview with yours truly on the Geoff Dorset syndicated online radio show in the UK on April 19th. Then there’s some kind of feature in the UK's Classic Rock Magazine, March issue, titled curiously ‘Welcome Back Wishbone Ash.’ I have to smile. Where on earth do these people think we’ve been?

While we’re at it; I got word from a fan of the band who’d seen something about me on another music forum. Apparently, I upset a fan (perhaps a former fan now, gulp) by not shaking his hand and another complained that when I signed HIS CD my signature was illegible and that I barely acknowledged him. I sincerely apologise if that bad impression was the one that came across. Must make a mental note: Write my name more clearly and look folks in the eye while signing stuff at the ‘meet & greet’ wink

Today we are driving into the snowy Frankfurt region where I hear they just closed the airport and cancelled 400 flights. We’re on the ground which is hopefully safer. Joe’s not been so well the last couple of days, complaining of flu like symptoms, very achy joints and so on. Could be the dreaded swine flu. Think I might order the doc to check him over at the hotel.

Your humble servant ~ A.P.

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