Musings & Reflections

Sitting on a train travelling between Düsseldorf and Bonn yesterday, I got to musing about a couple of things:

1st reflection

Observing the faces of married couples or partners I’ve been bumping into lately, I’ve been noticing the similarities between them. For example the pair might be quite different in size or sex but there is often a noticeable feature that is common between each person, whether it be a turn of the mouth or the shape of a nose, a similar demeanor. I noticed it with a Spanish couple I stood behind in the line for tickets a JFK airport. They had the exact same way of looking at each other with strange lopsided smiles. Then, viewing some couples in our audiences from the stage, it began to almost distract me from singing and playing the other night. Do you think it starts out this way or do we gradually meld into our partners and take on their traits? Weird. They say it happens with pets and their owners. I’m also wondering if it happens in the world of music - you know with one’s musical partners. Like if you say work with another guitar player for a long time, you can start to take on his or her expressions and so on. Of late, I’ve been noticing some alarming ‘melding’ issues with my guitar partner, a certain Mudvigstein. See photo.

2nd reflection

One of our Dutch tour managers was smiling as he came off the phone with Kevin Costner (yes, he of Dancing With Wolves). It appears that Kevin is also now a ‘rock musician’ - yes - and he will be touring Europe with his band. The same goes for Bruce Willis and his band and also recently in England, we came across a gorgeously produced program for one Mr. Steven Segal and his band. He is a blues artist. I did not know this. I thought he was a kung fu supremo. But anyway, all these mega successful movie actors now seem to want to be functioning as musicians, troubadours or minstrels if you will, working in the funky little circuit that we frequent. Is this like romantic for them or something? Do they get to study the world of musicians for some upcoming acting role? Of course, it’s pretty well known that Brucie baby can sing and also he can blow a mean harmonica. I’m not too sure about Kevin and Steven. Then of course there’s the Bacon Brothers - Kevin and his bro’. They are actually pretty good.

It seems that acting just does not quite do it for these folks. God forbid more musicians start going down the acting route, much more than is already the case. Let’s see, we’ve had Bowie and Sting in movies - not too shabby. Then Mick Jagger played that Ned Kelly guy in a movie years ago. If you want to get really esoteric there was that fantastic movie Girl on a Motorbike featuring Marianne Faithful. Then you get into that weird no - mans land of celebs like Paris Hilton doing the music thing. I’m a huge Paris fan. What a great job she did singing on that last single of hers! No autotune there, I bet. Pay me no heed.

~ A.P.

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