Lock Up Your Grandmothers Tour!

If it ever gets warm enough, this lot could be quite dangerous!

Axe attacks have been witnessed all over Germany in the search for firewood. As you can see, The Finn is the most prepared, with a coat built to withstand Everest (never mind that we call him the Michelin Man now). Anyway, you cannot ever say say that we are not going the extra kilometre to bring Ash tunes to a stube or bierhalle near you. The show last night really rocked in actuality. Heidenheim it was. The venue was an old locomotive workshop building. I like the way the Germans recycle these old buildings, turning them into concert halls and community centres. To date, Wishbone has played in abatoires, an ex U Boat factory, numerous former breweries, a former weapons factory. That's rock and roll Throw Down the Sword and all that. Tonight the gig is in a former subway station in the city of Karlsruhe.

Last night we dipped into the back catalogue bringing Dream Train back on stage as well as Rainstorm and the new one Reason to Believe. Joe gives it all and begs me not to suggest Vas Dis for the second encore but I do anyway - he's young and can handle it and despite his protestations his drum solo gets even better. By the way, forgot to mention; our second contingent of Australian fans came all the way specifically to Germany for this show. Now that's dedication. Thanks guys! Beat that Mid Westerners! I even put up with Nicole Kidman to watch that movie 'Australia' last night, in tribute. Not a bad flick. The cinematography took my mind off the bleak landscape outside.

Goo'day ~ A.P

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