Living the Dream

We’ve all now had a chance to come down from the first show featuring my new guitar partner, Mark Abrahams. This was such an intense flurry of activity preparing first, in London with a couple of days rehearsals and then suddenly it was Sweden Rock in front of a cast of thousands. What a way to debut, after the turmoil of Muddy Manninen’s departure and then followed by a relatively quiet reflective time for Bob, Joe and myself. Mark on the other hand was shredding guitar for weeks like a man possessed, before the big event, holed up in the back room off the music store that he owns located in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

It all went excellently and I can now report that this is going to be a first rate relationship. The good ship Wishbone sails again! As mentioned before, Mark has the music of the band infused in his very DNA having grown up with it from the tender age of nine, courtesy of his father, and super-fan, Brian Abrahams. Everything clicked; jokes, camaraderie all inspired by the days’ designated tipple. The only frustrating thing is that now we are waiting impatiently for our next show in Switzerland on July 20th at the Magic Blues Festival in the Swiss mountains.

Otherwise, my time has been taken upon with interviews, working with publicists Kate Goldsmith and Billy James updating our contacts and social media presence. Last night I participated in a podcast with a gentleman by the name of Mark (to be shared here in a few weeks). That was interesting. He wanted to present an in-depth look at three songs of mine and really get into the intricacies of how the music was inspired and finally put together. It actually forced me to revisit and reimagine the early atmosphere of being in the newly formed Wishbone Ash as it was back in 1969. We would spend all day in rehearsals planning out our lives in music, writing these songs and constructing guitar riffs, bass lines, drum fills all with deep scrutiny. In the course of relating all this I remembered that the intense pressure to come up with ideas was actually because our very lives depended on it. We had no visible means of support and were actually playing (not praying) for our daily bread. I’m not sure too many bands go through that level of deprivation and suffering for their art these days, working with home made gear and guitars and living in condemned accommodation, but we surely did. Perhaps that’s what gave the music its intensity. Today, the dream still lives on. Deep intensity is brought to bear in all we do and no one in this band takes it for granted that we are entitled to the opportunities that come our way. It’s a kind of creed that each and everyone who has been through the ranks of the band adheres to, until they don’t. It's just that simple.

To more recent matters, I’ve also recently been working with immigration lawyers and booking agents putting the finishing touches to our upcoming tours. The U.S. Canada and the U.K. tours are all set and very shortly we’ll be announcing German, Belgian, Austrian and Swiss tour dates for the beginning of 2018. There will also be some Dutch dates and French dates coming a little later. Oh, and for all you forum fans, our forum will once again be up and running in a week or so, being opened up for new members, after a spate of hackings. That way, diehards will be able to track and comment on tour dates, shows and on the road happenings with one another. Also, don't forget to check in with my own new website from time to time and please note that the band's official Facebook site for news is Wishbone Ash, among all the fan-based Facebook sites out there, which we love by the way. See you down the road apiece.

Best Wishes and Best Bones ~ A.P.

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