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I realise it's been a while since I contributed to the blog. My excuses are that I've been busy with a lot of technical stuff and that I just haven't seen anything blog-worthy.

I don't make a habit of going to the doctors. I know some people will be in there at the drop of a hat. "Doctor, doctor, I dropped my hat..."

I usually feel guilty about wasting a doctor's time with my petty illnesses so I'll wait until I have a few before going to see him - "I've had this cold for a month now, I can't see out of my left eye and by big toe has turned black" - that kind of thing.

Perhaps it's the same with blogging. One plumbing annoyance does not a blog make.

So, here are my three...

  1. Push button taps which turn off as soon as you stop pushing. The bathroom equivalent of the Zen koan "What's the sound of one hand clapping?" You can wash your hands in the regular way if you hold the button down with your head and don't mind the funny looks.

  2. Sinks with 2 individual taps, a sign saying 'Very Hot Water' and no plug. A guaranteed recipe for blisters.

  3. Ignoring standards (see photo). The makers of this particular shower were careful to label the directions for 'hot' and 'off', and kind enough to warn you about the 'very hot water'. What the sign should say is 'Very hot water and backwards plumbing' as when the dial (I was going to write knob) is steamed up and below waist height you automatically (and perhaps foolishly, to the tune of a scalded back) assume that 'off' will be in the same direction as all the other showers and taps you've ever used in your life.

I'm really not a pessimistic person. I'd usually consider myself a glass half full kind of person (unless it's a glass of shit). Perhaps I should write blogs about how lucky we are that service stations provide us with any water at all and that the occasional scalding from a shower keeps you warm in this chilly weather.


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