Joe builds a snowman

I watched the Snowman on Christmas Eve. It was one of my favourite things to watch when I was a kid. We had it on VHS - introduced by David Bowie. It got watched so much that the tape wore out and when I watch it on TV now I expect it to go all fuzzy and drop out when they're flying over the whale. I don't think it's as good being introduced by Father Christmas. Maybe Bowie only did it once, but that's the one we had on tape and it brings back good memories. Apart from the end which used to make me cry. This year I left the room before it finished to keep things on a happy note wink

When we got snow I was compelled to build a snowman. Try as I might I couldn't get it to roll so my brother and I resorted to shoveling it into a pile and adding to it one handful at a time. I was determined to make him at least as tall as me and I wanted him to be TV snowman shaped (rather than one swiss roll of snow on top of another)

I was perhaps a little too proud of my achievement - I mean, I'm 30 and making a pile of snow is hardly an impressive engineering feat. Still, I was very pleased with "Norman". I stayed up past midnight and kept looking out the window but he failed to even move - never mind ride a motorbike. At one point I thought he winked at me but they I realised his eye had just fallen out.

The snow disappeared over the next few days and Norman (who my sister accidentally decapitated on Xmas day) succumbed to the same fate as, errr, snowman (did the one on TV have a name? Did the kid?)

When it snowed again a few days later it was 'rolling' snow. My friend Rob came over. Rob is also 30 and the only person I know who keeps a sledge in his boot all year round "just in case." Obviously if we were going to build a snowman it'd have to be bigger than the last one, otherwise what's the point? We are men after all and what better way to demonstrate manliness than building an even bigger snowman. I nearly got a hernia trying to lift the second swiss roll of snow (about the size of a tractor tyre) onto the base. I felt like Geoff Capes. Am I right in thinking he keeps budgies now? Or was that just some weird dream? Bit of a career change - strong man to budgies. [Yep, I just checked and he does indeed keep budgies.]

I never named the second one, but he was indeed bigger than Norman. He's still standing as I write this. Once again though, no motorbike action. Perhaps I should have given him longer arms and some leather chaps. Or maybe it's just because I don't own a motorbike.

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