Immigrants on Tour

I was recently talking to a friend of mine, just the other day, at the gym as it happens. That’s where I go to do battle, to keep my burgeoning waistline under control. My friend is a second generation Iraqi U.S. immigrant and he was explaining how his father had worked so hard during his new life in America, working two jobs and often taking on extra duties for no reward, in order to show positivity and good intent, getting on board with the American work ethic. I could tell that my friend was irked that his father had had to knuckle under in this way during his life, and he seemed determined not about to take that approach to his own life. This really resonated with me, what with all the negative talk of immigrants in the news lately, both in the U.K. Europe and in the U.S.A. The positive work and contribution immigrants make to society is rarely mentioned.

Turns out that I have some immigrant awareness of my own, albeit in a more benign way since our family became U.S.A. immigrants some forty plus years ago. It was easier anyway for us in the 1970s, for back in the day, people here, embraced anything British. Not so today; flavor of the month is now Australia. That country is perceived by Americans somehow, as the new frontier that satisfies both the craving for wide open spaces to conquer, while retaining insularity in which to foster a kind of devil-may-care, rebel attitude.

Anyway, I digress. The immigrant conversation with my friend put me in mind of a popular songwriting theme of mine, one which I’ve addressed in a couple of songs like Master of Disguise and more recently, Migrant Worker. It’s the theme of the immigrant situation - alienation. Hell, in the States, when you first move here, they give you a special card to carry with you at all times called the Alien Immigration Card, just in case you forget your true status.

Here’s what I’m getting around to. It turns out that on our upcoming USA tour, slated for September (dates to be announced soon) that we’ll feature the former song, Master of Disguise, in an acoustic part of the set. The tour will be called the Tough & Tender tour and in the words of our current press release, “In addition to the high-powered all-out rockers the band is known for delivering, the guys will turn down the volume (but not the intensity) and treat audiences to acoustic versions of some of their classic hits.”

It’s going to be fun and fresh for us as we kick off the action in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and make our way eastwards. For those living in the south and the west, we hope to visit you in the spring of 2018. At any rate there are a slew of tour dates just waiting to be posted here on this site so stay tuned, indigenous folks and immigrants alike. See you out on the open road.

~ A.P.

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