This fellow turned up on our pool cover to take a drink while I was away on tour. Snapped by my wife, Pauline, the raccoons always seem to come around when I’m away. Like the coyotes and deer, they seem to sense this. I never see ‘em when I’m home. I read that you can deter the wild critters by urinating all around the perimeter of your property. A lady in our town used to do this frequently and swore that it kept the deer at bay. I’ve tried it, of course, but only as needs must. As a countryside dweller, you’d need to really focus on this as a daily project in order to keep the number of wild animals in our neighborhood away. Can you imagine?

Anyway, I’m currently on a precious day off in Blighty having just left the Kit Car Show near Birmingham courtesy of the amiable Mr. Steve Hole. Met some nice folks and it was a welcome change from the day before when all sorts of strange energy was in the air on the day of the Carlisle show. At 2.00 am post show, we were trying to find the hotel and I crashed into a metal bollard after being redirected, due to a road block. That afternoon, our merchandiser, Simon, was caught on camera passing 2 counterfeit £20 notes at a motorway service station. I hasten to add that he did not realise he was using counterfeit money, but any way the police were informed and a report was filed. It seems that the notes had been used for the purchase of Wishbone t - shirts.

The next day, during my morning walk, I decided to take advantage of a shirt sale in a clothing supply store and found the item I wanted. I pulled aside the changing room curtain to be confronted by a semi naked (and quite irate) mature lady. Two young girls waiting outside exclaimed “that’s our mum” and I made a hasty retreat. Man, did she give it to me in front of the other customers when she finally appeared (fully clothed, I add); “When the curtain is drawn, it means someone is inside changing”. What do I know? I made my apologies and skulked out of the store ....

Like I say, some days the energy is all wrong and s..t happens. Talking of energy, our new crew person, Harry Callow, has been training us all here and there in various martial arts moves. I've been doing a little Chi Gong with him - mostly for relaxation and meditation. Harry is a Kung Fu expert, having studied in China under a master. None of us is quite that serious about it but it’s very nice to try new things and to hear his take on health and fitness and so on. Overall, his arrival and example has prompted a cleaner, healthier tour party, Harry being a shining example of a healthful and focussed dude.

~ A.P.

P.S. A friend, on reading this blog, did some research and came up with this :

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