I always liked the Bruce Hornsby song, “A Change Is Gonna Come.” It’s the one sentiment, it seems to me, that always proves true in life.

And so it is, that I announce a change in the Wishbone Ash line-up. After many years of making albums and touring the world, we say goodbye to Muddy Manninen. It’s been a very rewarding relationship with some great work being laid down, from “Clan Destiny” to “Blue Horizon.” We sincerely thank Muddy and wish him good luck on his solo project, currently well under way. You can find out more about Muddy's activities at .

Jumping into the fray as Muddy’s replacement – and the ninth in a long and illustrious line of guitar players that form part of the fabled Wishbone Ash twin lead section -- is Mark Abrahams, who has only been preparing for this gig since the tender age of 9, when he first picked up a guitar and started to figure out some of those well-known lines that have inspired generations of guitar players. I’m not kidding; despite being only in his late 30s, Mark has the music of Wishbone Ash ingrained in his very soul, as well as his fingers.

I'm happy to say Mark's a Les Paul and Strat man; these two guitars have always been an important part of Wishbone's sound. He also plays Elvidge Custom Guitars.

The owner of Vision Guitars in Castleford, Yorkshire, Mark has worked in musical instrument retail since leaving Leeds College of Music in 1997.

Mark's debut performance with Wishbone Ash will be at the upcoming Sweden Rock festival alongside some of our musical heroes like Kings X, Aerosmith and the Scorpions. No pressure then? Actually, Mark has a recent history of over 100 dates a year with Yorkshire band Coyote, and has toured with Ron Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses) and Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson's version of Saxon.

Mark is raring to get started both on rehearsals and then the tours that we have planned. It will also be very interesting to explore new music together, and that will obviously be priority as we position the band for a new album recording.

So, like the title of my recent biography implies: “Eyes Wide Open.” We’ll be keeping all options open as far as new projects that will come our way.

It’s going to be an exciting new phase for Wishbone Ash. Come and check us out on the road as we welcome Mark Abrahams into the band.

~ A.P.

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