Barry Riddington

I'm deeply shocked and saddened to report that my friend Barry Riddington passed away last night after a relatively short battle with mesothelioma. He had just turned 60. Barry along with his partner, Malcolm Holmes, who has known him like a brother from the age of 15, ran our long term record label, Talking Elephant Records and before that HTD Music. I can't believe that he has passed .... I simply need to process this.

I can't imagine Barry not being in our lives, being behind the band and it's CD releases. I greatly enjoyed our times together, the meals and regular phone calls, the lambasting of the old school music business that he was so good at. His humour was always a great leveller and most importantly, he was the single biggest support to me especially during the very stressful court case that I endured concerning the battle over the band's good name.

On a positive note, his final good deed, which will resonate with all fans of Wishbone Ash, was in being instrumental in bringing myself to the negotiating table for the upcoming monumental career retrospective; the 32 CD boxed set, Wishbone Ash - The Vintage Years. Thank you Barry for all the good times. R.I.P.

~ Andy.

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