Ashcon 2018

Next year, starting late 2019, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Wishbone Ash. It will be a Golden year for Andy, who will be the only member of the band to complete all 50 years.

This year, the 49th - XLIX - Ashcon will be held at the start of the UK Tour to allow celebrations to begin - why wait? We will have an Ashcon that will focus on memories. An Ashcon that will look towards 50. An Ashcon at a new venue! Yes, this year Ashcon will be held at the Y Theatre in Leicester on Saturday October 13th.

Please check out to see what a splendid venue this is. We will be leaving the main floor area as standing and there is beautiful 140 seat balcony for those who prefer the comfort of sitting.

The venue is within walking distance of the mainline railway station and is surrounded by many hotels including a Premier Inn and an Ibis.

Our dear friend Mike Day is already working on finding a suitable venue for the now much loved Wishclone Ish Friday Night and the gathering of the clans.

I am just finalising ticket details with the venue and will bring you more on this and the days events in the near future.

Guy Roberts

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