Ash Fans Welcome McManus.

Ash fans from far and wide converged on Edinburgh's Queen's Hall tonight, welcoming Pat McManus who sat in with the band, playing fiddle and guitar on a selection of songs such as Errors of My Way, Master of Disguise, Throw Down the Sword and Blowin' Free.

The band's folk rock roots got a lift with Pat's evocative Irish fiddle playing and then there was a three guitar attack on songs like Blowin' and Ballad of the Beacon. Later, Ash joined Strange Affair at Whistle Binkie's for more jammin' on Jailbait and Living Proof courtesy of facilitator supremo, George Douglas (also on drums) who arranged everything!

A right rocking night with Chantel MacGregor opening the show with her tasty blues power soon to be repeated at Wilbarston in N'hamptonshire. Don't miss this one. We've already planned the jam!

~ A.P.

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