Another Triple Guitar Attack

Watch out Iron Maiden - With ex Mamas Boys' Pat McManus drafted into the fold for an evening, this was a triple axe attack like no other. The 3 guitar thing could be interesting especially after this and Ben Granfelt's great performance on the current DVD. People told me this Edinburgh show was possibly one of the best they'd ever seen. I'd concur M'Lud but they're all good - he says modestly. The multi string possibilities when you figure into the balance Pat's incredible electric fiddle playing and you've really got something here. I had a blast - between trying to understand all the different accents hitting me that evening; Scots, Irish, Dutch, can get quite confusing. By the time we ended up at the post show party, we were just ready to go with the flow, jamming with George from Strange Affair who themselves, played a great selection of Ash songs, inspiring me this evening to play Leaf & Stream again with the band, here in Aberdeen. Great having the gang all on board cheering us on throughout Scotland. Safe travels back to the U.S. Theory and Dave.

~ A.P.

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