Andy’s USA Tour Wrap - Part 2

So many fans supported us in hidden ways on this tour, showing their appreciation of the work that we do, that it was quite humbling. John and Mary Ford; thanks for picking up our hotel and meal tab in Milwaukee. Scott Pickard from Florida, helped us out by getting tour flyers printed. He also helped with a couple of equipment issues - trading in worn-out amplifiers and so on. In fact much of the gear now needs overhauling, due to extreme use. Two of my Vs are in the process of getting new frets installed, but we did have some rather good fortune, courtesy of Giselle Frances, who amazingly, donated to us, two original Orange 1970s OR100 amp heads, plus speakers. This was in Annapolis where we played at the famous Rams Head.. We used those for our last few tour dates. So it looks like we’ll soon have a complete Orange backline in the USA once more, just as we now have in the UK and Europe, thereby restoring the original Wishbone Ash sound from days of yore.

I really must, before winding up, thank our die hard fans in the Edwardsvile/St. Louis area for supporting us on, not one, but two nights at the Wildey Theatre, where we performed “Argus” in its entirety for one of those nights. More theater dates like this in other towns in the future, would be most welcome. Thank you promoter, Al Canal for having faith in us.

However, on the American club scene, it doesn’t get any better than at Daryl’s House Club in Pawling, New York, just up the road from where Pauline and I live. Peter Moshay has done an incredible job of refurbishing what was the old Towne Crier Club there. The whole place now has the feel of Daryl’s House - just like you see on the famous webcast where Daryl invites guests to his house to jam. (Daryl, being Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates fame, in case you somehow missed this). As their sound man for many years, Peter has installed an amazing sound system which feeds high quality audio to all corners of the building, along with excellent video feed - plus they can record there. It’s a great sounding room - one of the best anywhere. No wonder the club can attract such great artists.

A very interesting date was our appearance at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, a music camp for aspiring players which is hosted by celebrity guitarists etc. What a delightful part of rural Ohio, and it was great when Jorma took time out to sit in with us. We hope to revisit this unique location.

So the gear gets stored away for another 9 months until we start the second leg of this American tour cycle in Florida in April of 2020. We’ll be touring across the southern part of this vast country before heading up the West Coast. But if any of you wish to get a preview, come and join us On the Blue Cruise, also in April and which I highly recommend. So many great acts and destinations. I think we were all unprepared for how much fun this turned out to be this year, so we’re honored to be asked back.

Finally, finally, I can't thank the guys - Bob, Joe and Mark - for completing the tour under such tough conditions, and also the Merch Maidens Lorna and Pauline, who did such a great PR job welcoming fans at the merch stand plus obviously providing much- needed additional income to the tour. Our actual PR lady Kate Goldsmith, together with Billy James of Glass Onyon, helped spread the word; and master of ceremonies, Steve Ozark of Ozark Talent, booked the whole shebang and made it happen.

Best Wishes and Best Bones ~ A.P.

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