Andy’s USA Tour Wrap - Part 1

So, a few days have passed and I’m now reflecting on our crazy trip through the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. 8,500 miles long. All in all, a successful tour, once again. Starting in Denver, this tour worked its way east and I have to say rain was the overall theme. But that made for good weather to work in, for the most part.

Talking of weather, it started out well with temps of 85F degrees; and then Denver, our first port of call, was hit by something called a ‘bomb cyclone,’ ice cold air dropping in from Canada, and the degrees plunged to 20F. Struggling to load-up after our show at the Soiled Dove Underground, we battled snow and ice. Clad only in shorts and light jackets, barely being able to stand upright on the icy sidewalks and tarmac of the parking lot - that was something. We made it out of town on Interstate 70 missing, by a few hours, a massive traffic pile-up caused by an 18 wheeler accident. Its brakes had apparently failed, leading to it crashing into many cars, tragically, resulting in several fatalities.

We renewed some old and new acquaintances on the tour, and some folks did their annual pilgrimage along to to several tour dates with us. Notably, Ian and Doreen Barton from Chester UK, made many dates before breaking off to do some exploring of America’s past, up in Wyoming and South Dakota. They went checking out sites like the Battle of Little Big Horn and then Devil’s Tower and Mount Rushmore, both of which I’d seen on previous tours.

See the world, come travel with a rock band!

North Carolinians Steven Koontz and Ramona Floyd also made many of the tour dates. Notably, Steve, along with buddy Neil Bleau, even went as far as to co-promote a show in downtown Durham, North Carolina at the Blue Note Club and Grill. Great hanging with you all and can’t thank you enough for this kind of support. We got amazing help from Andy and Joe, our fire fighter buddies from Virginia, who gave up time to come on the road at the end of the tour and do equipment duties when we most needed the help. Also Ralf and Andy from Chicago/Milwaukee did similar duties on dates up there. Fred Renz in MA did the same. about uber fan and bass player, Steve Ackerett, who jumped on his Harley Davidson and travelled all the way across country to catch dates on the East Coast? You guys are all amazing!

To be continued...

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