After Chaos

As a way of gently breaking into our long European tour, a trip to Paris eased us into the European vibe. While having time to pursue some cultural activities and do real some sight seeing, the focus of the 3 day event was to lay down some music for the Enki Bilal documentary currently in production. With our old friends Christian Guyonnet and Mikael Samson, who you may remember produced the Wishbone Ash rockumentary, ‘This is Wishbone Ash’ overseeing the action, today was a day full of creativity making music to fit with these new visuals (more to follow).

Enki, the artist himself is a world renowned producer of sophisticated adult comic books, read all over the world. I had met him in New York, not so long ago, where he had a showing of his art at the French Embassy, no less. He’s now producing large paintings of his comic book stylings, taking them from the printed page and on to the walls and salons of the cognoscenti. Our friend, and my collaborator on the soundtrack, was Stefane Mellino of the band Mellino. We spent a great day creating musical tension and dynamics for the soundtrack to Enki’s visons of an apocalyptic future world. As a side note; Enki featured a futuristic game in his comic books, called Chess Boxing. It has become a bonafide sporting event, now played in countries all over the world. I believe Gary Kaparov will attend one of these events sometime soon.

I have to say, the team assembled at StudioLine in Bois de Boulogne, made some magic occur this afternoon.

~ A.P.

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