50th Anniversary Tour Plans

2019 has been a busy year so far, as we lead up to the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations, which kick off with UK road dates in October.

A new studio album is in the works, slated for a January 2020 release on German label Steamhammer. In addition, the recently released and highly praised DVD and CD package, “Wishbone Ash Live at Rockpalast” (on MIG Records), is available right now. There will also be another release as part of the ongoing Roadworks series, to coincide with touring. This time it will feature live recordings culled from our recent trip to Japan. The latter two items will be available at shows on our UK tour.

Concerning new merchandise, we ‘ll also have new winter beanie hats featuring a gold logo this time. There will be a new 50th-year commemorative T shirt - of course. It will feature a fabulous logo designed by my friend and guitar luthier extraordinaire, Jon Case. This logo will also feature as an outsize image on a stage backdrop as we tour.

A beautiful commemorative tour program is currently with the printers in readiness for the tour. Its design has been toiled over for months by our own Kate Goldsmith (layout) and Pauline Powell (content). Featuring a band timeline to trigger your personal memories plus an intro by yours truly, this will be a real collector's item, if you are still in need of another, after the exceptional 30 CD box set produced this year by Snapper Records.

When constructing the tour program, Pauline asked me to come up with a list of people to thank and the list just became so long, so many names - a tsunami of names - that it reinforced for me that I’m personally only one part of many, that have contributed to making the band the success that it is. E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many Comes One. Who said that?

Myself, Bob, Joe and Mark are hoping to bring to you a selection of songs from each specific era of the band's long history as we make our way through the year. We’re pleased to announce, also, that Andy Clark will be joining us on tour in the UK with his unique brand of hi-def visuals to enhance this special tour. He’s recently worked with ELO, Yes and Asia, among others. Our loyal crew Daniel Vetter and Sean Dalton will also be working hard to bring the best sound both from the stage and out front.

I personally get the biggest kick out of the fan community that has been created around this band. Something that started out as four individuals with a cool idea for a unique band sound featuring twin lead guitars, led to a huge catalog and a solid community as mentioned above. We laid down a blueprint of original music drawn from deep roots, which in itself then laid down deep roots which have inspired countless fans and other musicians in their own bands.

Just as we do now, we had a plan back in those days. With our great visionary manager, Miles Copeland, we set out to spread our music around the globe; and so strong was the blueprint that when original members left one by one, the original idea carried on with new band members taking up the gauntlet - musicians, crews, agents and record labels drawn from different cultures around the world; Finland, France, Germany, United States, South Africa, Japan … I could go on and on, but I just love this about Wishbone Ash. It’s now well and truly a band of the people, for the people.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


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