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In the studio

Well, this is our last day in the studio (boo hoo), affectionately known as “Joe’s Garage” it really has become our little cocoon and some really tremendous musical …

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Mudvig and the Beast

Mudvigstein gets to grips with a 'beast' of a 12 string in the studio as we enlist yet more Neve preamps and wrestle with arrangements and drum sounds. The play back system …

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Old Soldier

So this is who is under that Argus helmet! Originally photographed by Flawbert, this photograph was sent to me by Ian Harris. It's kinda special. ~ A.P. …

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Had a great run down to Lucerne, Switzerland, via Metz in France. French roads are the best. They're empty, wide and fast, probably because you have to pay to use 'em. That …

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Wishbone Ash featured in car magazine!

A car buff, like the rest of us, Wishbone Ash bass meister, Bob Skeat, was recently featured in TKC Magazine. Apparently, editor Steve Hole, is an avid Ash afficionado and …

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Chantel jams out with Ash

Chantel McGregor is causing quite a stir wherever she plays. We got on well both in Edinburgh and at Wilbarston. She loves jamming so that's what we did at the end of our set …

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