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Breakfast of Champions

So this is what Generation Recession eats for breakfast? I'm still at the Citizen M Hotel. It's all busy, busy. 30 somethings are eating breakfast and they are all on …

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New Decade Hotel

So I arrived in Amsterdam, jet lagged and cold. Walking out of this huge airport cum shopping mall, I passed a couple of stores. One was called Wonder Woman and the other, …

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I think I’m getting even more out of touch with ‘reality’. Either that or I’m on the cusp of becoming a grumpy old man (bring it on). Anyway, I stopped at the filling …

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Joe builds a snowman

I watched the Snowman on Christmas Eve. It was one of my favourite things to watch when I was a kid. We had it on VHS - introduced by David Bowie. It got watched so much …

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Market Bosworth: I spent an interesting weekend sitting in once again, with the Pat McManus Band. This time it was at the invitation of mine host, Tim Clinton at a …

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Feel Better Mudman

Our intrepid guitar man, Muddy Manninen is recuperating from a knee operation in his native Helsinki. I got a short email from him to say he was on pain killers but home …

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