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Double Dutch.

Unfortunately there are some rumours going on about Wishbone Ash cancelling their tour. These rumours aren't true. Apparently there's another band touring under a false name …

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Andy Powell Interview in Beatleg Magazine, Tokyo, Japan

The interview below took place in October of 2009 and was published in the January 2010 issue of Beatleg Magazine. You are celebrating 40th anniversary of the band this …

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Breakfast of Champions

So this is what Generation Recession eats for breakfast? I'm still at the Citizen M Hotel. It's all busy, busy. 30 somethings are eating breakfast and they are all on …

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New Decade Hotel

So I arrived in Amsterdam, jet lagged and cold. Walking out of this huge airport cum shopping mall, I passed a couple of stores. One was called Wonder Woman and the other, …

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I think I’m getting even more out of touch with ‘reality’. Either that or I’m on the cusp of becoming a grumpy old man (bring it on). Anyway, I stopped at the filling …

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Joe builds a snowman

I watched the Snowman on Christmas Eve. It was one of my favourite things to watch when I was a kid. We had it on VHS - introduced by David Bowie. It got watched so much …

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