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Domestic Life

The whole thing of keeping a dwelling place functional in the USA is a daily battle. As a homeowner, the elements are continually conspiring against you and then the local …

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Elegant Stealth

I was in Sheringham Norfolk, UK when I spotted this sticker on the back of a Nissan car. I hope the owner doesn’t mind me reproducing it here, above his number plate. …

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Joe plays on ‘My Kinda Heaven’

Last summer I had the pleasure of recording drums for Mick McConnell's solo album 'My Kinda Heaven'. I got the call after we came back from playing in South Africa with Deep …

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Ever Evolving Ash

Back in the 1990s ( that sounds so weird as I read that back but we are looking back almost 20 years ) the climate was a little different from what it is now. There were the …

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Rocky Mountain High

Hi Ya’ll. I’ve been out West for 4 days, spending time with my bro’ and his partner, high in the Rockies in their eagle’s nest of a house, near Red Feather, …

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Me and the V

I had a nice surprise in the mailbox this morning. The new Tony Bacon book arrived. It's all about the development and use of the Flying V, Explorer and Firebird guitars in …

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