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No it’s fu*£!ng not!

Pop quiz for you… Choose one word which describes all of the following: The return of a room key to the front desk of a hotel. A buffet breakfast featuring waffles, …

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Sioux City

Welcome to Sioux City! As I open the curtains in my hotel room, a bullet hole in the window is staring me right in the eyes. Now that’s a first. No matter, I have a nice …

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Midway Tavern Review

A nice review by Andrew S. Hughes from South Bend Tribune. Check it out here …

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Firstly let me tell you that having spoken to Andy and the band recently how pleased they were with the fantastic support that they received on the recent UK tour in these …

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More Notes from the Road….

Crazy few days in New York City and then upstate to Schenectady. They don’t make it easy to play these shows for a rock & roll band but we tried to keep one step ahead. …

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Interview with Andy - Guitar International

Check out the full interview here …

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