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Last Day of Basic Tracks

Well, yesterday was the last day spent recording basic tracks for the upcoming CD. We now have 11 song ideas down and probably 60 or 70 minutes of music. The problem is; do …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all our USA friends and their families and to my family - Have a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday! ~ A.P and the guys.... ( currently ensconced in the recording studio in …

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Looking Back & Forward

I’ve been doing some catching up on my life during the last couple of weeks, visiting friends and family. You know how it goes. Being on the road is a lot of fun but keeps …

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No Easy Road

Legendary 70’s Ash tour manager, Kevin Harrington is coming to speak and reminisce about his time on the road, not only during the hey day of Wishbone’s biggest …

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That Was the Week

It’s been an interesting week. What with the days off, the UK guys have been leaving and re joining the tour party with the result that I never really know who’s going to …

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Get Ready to Rock!

On Sunday November 7, 2010 at 12:00 noon EST (USA) - 5:00 PM (London Time) Get Ready to Rock, the largest classic rock website and internet radio in the UK, will be featuring …

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