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Andy in Ballyshannon

New Andy Powell interview by Trevor Hodgett Irish News 17 May 2013 …

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Cooking With Gas!

OK, how to sum up this huge swathe of gigs in a simple blog post. Can’t be done really. The proper way to do it would be a travelog or TV show like Anthony Bourdain or …

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Richie Havens

Richie Havens has passed way. I was really sad to hear this. I had hoped we might meet again since he was the quintessential New Yorker and I’m often in the City. He …

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Springtime Musings….

Well folks, I guess even I have to start admitting my age here. We have just completed a mammoth two continent tour - Europe and North America and my whole body is feeling …

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Storm Thorgerson

Sitting at a rest stop on Interstate 95 here in the States, checking out Facebook and I'm stopped dead in my wanderings with the shocking news that Storm Thorgerson, one half …

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Interview With Andy

Original source - There are so many bands that come and go that …

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