Trevor Bolder

Trevor Bolder's credits include work with David Bowie and Mick Ronson, and he was an authentic Spider from Mars. He followed John Wetton into Uriah Heep when John left in 1977, and played with them for three years. By 1980, Trevor was "very despondent" with Heep, so he answered an ad in Melody Maker that said,"Top band requires bass player". This turned out to be Wishbone Ash, whom John Wetton had just left! Trevor went to the audition and ended up getting the job.

Trevor worked with Wishbone on the "Twin Barrels Burning" album. Of his influence on their music, he says,"I'm really a heavier style bass player. Laurie Wisefield had been edging the band towards heavier rock, along the lines of ZZ Top, and perhaps I took that a little further. We all contributed to the songs, but I do accept that my bass playing was heavier than on previous albums."

After his stint with Wishbone, Trevor returned to Uriah Heep, for whom he produced the album "Different World". Regarding his future, Trevor says, "I'm not going to be on the road forever. I'm looking toward finishing my career in production. As for the qualities I look for in a band, it doesn't matter if they're great players or not, as long as they have great songs and a style of their own."

Trevor is presently touring Germany with Uriah Heep, supported by Nazareth. On his return, we hope to get ourselves up to date with his other activities and projects.