Tony Kishman

Tony Kishman comes from Tucson, Arizona, where he was already playing local clubs in his teens. From 1973 through 1978 he played guitar in a group called Cheap Tricks, which did Wishbone Ash songs and Top 40 covers. He did a solo album produced by Christopher Neil (Sheena Easton, Mike and the Maniacs), and one of the songs on it, "Staying With It", reached #17 on the British charts.

Tony met Andy Powell in London, in 1980. A friend played a demo tape for Tony, and his response was, "Great! This guy is great - he sounds like Andy Powell!" And his friend said, "That IS Andy Powell". Tony was totally overwhelmed that his friend knew Andy - "This guy is the whole reason I play music" - so they called Andy up and arranged to get together. Tony and Andy exchanged phone numbers, and afterward stayed in touch, especially after Andy moved to the States.

In the summer of 1994, Tony sent Andy a copy of his solo album. As a result, Andy asked him to come East and audition for "Illuminations". The outcome, Tony said, was that "after a few days, the band felt really tight and our vocals really came together". Although most of the writing for the album had been finished before Tony joined the group, he had a hand in several songs and is pleased with the way he, Andy, and Roger worked together.

Tony left Wishbone in 1997 to pursue his solo career, including the promotion of his new album, "Catch 22".

Currently, Tony is touring with his Beatles tribute band "Twist and Shout".