Ted Turner

David Allen Turner was born in Birmingham, England on August 2, 1950. He started playing the guitar at 17, and two years later he was playing in a local band. In 1969 Ted answered an ad in Melody Maker, and auditioned for a new, as yet un-named, band. Another young guitarist named Andy Powell answered the same ad. The organizers of the band, Steve Upton and Martin Turner, couldn't choose between the two, and decided to keep them both. Their twin lead guitar attack became the trademark of the new band, which was ultimately known as Wishbone Ash.

In 1971, John Lennon asked Ted and Andy to play on the track "Crippled Inside" from his new album. Andy declined, but Ted accepted the chance to record with Lennon. In the spring of 1974, Ted left Wishbone Ash and the music business to travel the world and find the meaning of life. By 1975 he had found his way to New Orleans and into the "World Man Band" project, an attempt to raise global consciousness through rock music. Later that same year, Ted moved to Los Angeles to do recording, writing, and production work with such artists as George Harrison, Billy Preston, and Al Stewart.

In 1980 Ted returned to England and did studio work with Stewart Copeland and Gene October. The next year found him once again in the United States, where he married and formed a new band. Called "Choice", it featured Greg Cook (guitars, keyboards, and vocals), Robbie Hewlett (bass guitar), and Bobby Dean Wicland (drums). In 1982, Ted joined the re-formed "Badfinger" and toured the country with them.

From 1983 to 1987 Ted was involved in various recording projects with such artists as Brian Auger and Rod Stewart. In 1987 he rejoined Wishbone Ash and with them recorded "Nouveau Calls" for Miles Copeland's "No Speak" label. In the spring of 1988, the original Wishbone Ash toured England and Europe for the first time in 15 years, and in the fall of that year Ted and Andy Powell were invited to join Copeland's "Night of the Guitar" tour. That group included such guitar legends as Randy California, Peter Haycock, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Robbie Krieger, Leslie West, and Alvin Lee.

Ted continued to tour and record with Wishbone Ash until 1994, when he once again decided to go it alone. In that same year, he suffered the loss of his son, Kip, who was killed by a drunk driver in Scottsdale, Arizona.

During Ted's career with Wishbone Ash he has played to three generations of fans all around the world. He has been voted one of Rolling Stone magazine's Top Twenty rock guitarists of all time, and named by Traffic magazine as one of the most important guitarists in rock history. The twin lead guitar format that he and Andy originated has been often copied but never duplicated.

Ted has once again relocated to the UK along with his newest wife Helen. According to reliable sources, Ted has a number of a new songs demoed, but nothing in any final form. In case you don't know, Martin & Ted did get together last year at Martin's London studio. Martin had hoped that Ted would be willing to tour with him at some point, performing Wishbone Ash songs. The problem is that Ted has no desire to perform any WA music, feeling that this would be dwelling on his past.

We wish Ted the best in his future pursuits, and hope one day to hear his distinctive guitar style again.