Robbie France

Born in Sheffield, England in 1959, Robbie France has become one of Britain's leading musical educators, clinicians, recording artists and touring professionals.

Robbie taught at the Australian Academy of Music at the tender age of 15, and then traveled throughout Australia with some of that country┬┤s biggest names, as well as working with international acts. He formed the jazz fusion group, "Carnival", played the Oz Jazz Festival, and supported John McLaughlin before settling into studio life in Brisbane.

When he was 22 he traveled to London, and in a brief period of mayhem played with some of the top players there. In 1983 Robbie was asked to join the band Diamond Head, with whom he toured and recorded until 1985. He was then approached by UFO to join their re-formed group. He left UFO that same year, due to personal differences. He then taught many "name" drummers in London whilst forming the group "One Nation".

France left "One Nation" to join Euro-popsters Ellis, Beggs, & Howard, all the while performing clinics as a solo artist and with other clinicians such as Simon Philips, Stevie White, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Husband, Mel Gaynor etc. It was while he was working with EBH that Wishbone Ash saw Robbie, and approached him to record and tour. France was honoured to be given the opportunity to work with one of his early influences, having seen WA when very young. He worked with them on the recording of "Strange Affair", and toured Britain with them before leaving England to return to Oz [for Americans, "Oz" = Australia].

Robbie recorded the solo album "Gift" with his group The Gab in Sydney Studio 301.

In 1994 he was in London to promote a solo project when he was contacted by Cass Lewis to form group Skunk Anansie. Skunk Anansie recorded "Paranoid & Sunburnt", their debut album, and have since become one of the hottest names in the business, with enigmatic singer Skin being a role model for thousands of women throughout the world. France co-wrote huge international hit "Weak", which was featured on the "Mission Impossible'' soundtrack, and was recently recorded by Rod Stewart on the hit album "When We Where The New Boys".

Robbie left Skunk in 1995, joining the German mega-group Alphaville the next day! He toured and recorded with Alphaville until a freak accident interrupted his career. While he was watching a football match between England and Spain, Robbie severed his Achilles tendon, which put him out of action for two years. However, the months in hospital and then commuting to his girlfriend┬┤s home in Poland, have given him time to finalize research on his current project - writing.

Robbie now lives in southern Spain writing and recuperating. He plans to return to drumming within the next six months.