Muddy Manninen

Finnish guitarist JYRKI “MUDDY” MANNINEN brings a bluesy style to Wishbone Ash, with his patented slide and lap steel playing. Since joining the band in late 2004, Muddy’s signature sounds have perfectly complemented those of fellow axeman Andy Powell. As a result, the band’s twin-lead guitar execution has soared to new heights. Muddy has contributed his songwriting talents to the band, as well.

Muddy first recorded in 1979 with Red House Blues Band. They cut a single for Love Records. “That band was mostly stuff like Bukka White, The Allmans, Robert Johnson, some Rory Gallagher (one of my first heroes) plus some original stuff,” he explains.

Later, Muddy joined a Finnish group called Havana Blacks, and then went on to work in Gringos Locos, a band that also featured Ben Granfelt (former Wishbone Ash guitarist who recommended Muddy as his replacement). Muddy was the main songwriter in Gringos Locos. They recorded three albums. Gringos Locos toured in the late 1980s, supporting bands like Status Quo.

Through the years, Muddy has played with many Finnish artists, including: Hector, a singer-songwriter
who's been around since the mid-’60s; Pave Maijanen, a talented singer and songwriter, who can be heard singing background vocals on several Wigwam albums (Finnish progrock).

As for guitars, Muddy has been a longtime Gibson man – “although I got sidetracked a few years ago and played Strats for a while,” he says. “My main guitars are a '58 and a '60 Custom Shop Les Pauls. I’ve been also playing a Les Paul Jr. made by luthier Kevin Chilcott, which I really like. I love the Junior’s simplicity and the midrangey bite. I use an Epiphone Wilshire for slide, and I also have an obscure lap steel, I don’t even know its name.”

Muddy ́s using several amps: Fender Bassman Reissue Combos, Mad Professor MP-101, and Tonehunter Spirit 69. Speaker cabs are loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s.
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