Martin Turner

Martin Turner was born in Torquay, Devon, on October 1, 1947. He took up the guitar at age 14, later switching to bass. Together with brother Glenn, Martin formed his first band, The Torinoes, in 1963. By 1966, the band had evolved into the Empty Vessels, where future Wishbone Ash drummer, Steve Upton, would join the brothers.

In 1969, the band turned professional and relocated to London, changing their name to Tanglewood. Glenn Turner departed, and Martin and Steve joined forces with guitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner (no relation to Martin and Glenn). Under the management of Miles Copeland, they became Wishbone Ash and made a first appearance in November of that year at the Dunstable Civic Hall in the UK.

Martin approached playing the bass as more than a rhythmic instrument. Perhaps due to his early days as a guitarist, his bass lines were intricate and more akin to lead guitar. He was also the band's principal vocalist while working with Powell to create the signature harmony vocal approach, which along with the band's famous twin guitar sound became an intrinsic feature of Wishbone's early sound.

Disagreements over group policy and musical direction led to Martin resigning from the band in 1980 to pursue a career in record production. As Martin says; "I thought the band were doing really well and breaking new ground, but the band felt they needed to change things." After this, Martin continued to write and record, forming a new band called the Wolf Gang.

In 1987, Powell and Upton, who had continued as Wishbone Ash throughout the '80s, invited Martin to rejoin on a limited basis, along with Ted Turner, who had left the band back in 1974. The reunion commenced with the recording of "Nouveau Calls," an instrumental album that was released as part of the No Speak series on Miles Copeland's IRS label. The original band also toured to support the album.

In 1990, Martin's new daughter, Melody Rose, was born and as a result, he spent a good deal of time producing records at his home studio in England. During this time, he also re-mastered some of Wishbone Ash's back catalogue, including "Argus". This project was offered to him by Andy Powell, after he'd negotiated the re-release of the band's classic recording. Martin had, once again, ceased touring and working with the band by this time.

In 1994, he produced an album with the late Roy Hollingsworth, "In the Flesh," on which Martin was the engineer as well as playing bass and keyboards, providing background vocals, and providing guitar and drum work on some tracks. Two years later, he released a keyboard dominated solo album, "Walking the Reeperbahn." It was a collection of recordings spanning the period 1980-96. Between 1998 and 2006, Martin toured and recorded with respected UK blues/rock band The Blue Bishops, for whom he also produced the 2002 album, "Deep."

In 2004, Martin formed Wishbone Featuring Martin Turner and later changed the name to Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash in 2005. The band also featured, initially, guitarists Keith Buck and Ray Hatfield and drummer Rob Hewins (Keith Buck later replaced by Danny Wilson).

Note: Portions of this bio were referenced from Martin Turner's official website.