Mark Abrahams

Mark Abrahams was a fledgling 9-year-old guitarist when he discovered the music of Wishbone Ash. Inspired to figure out some of the well-known riffs that have influenced legions of guitarists for nearly a half-century, Mark has the music of Wishbone Ash ingrained in his soul as well as his fingers.

A Yorkshire lad, Mark studied Musical Instrument Technology at Leeds College of Music. His aptitude in electronics has translated into building effects boxes and being an ace at repairing amps, pedals and the like.

Mark plays Les Pauls and Strats as well as Elvidge Custom Guitars. He owns Vision Guitars in Castleford, Yorkshire; and when he's off the road with Wishbone Ash he performs with a local band, Coyote. He has toured with Ron Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses) and Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson's version of Saxon.