Laurie Wisefield

Laurie Wisefield was a founding member of the band "HOME", which played with Al Stuart. Andy saw them in New York and was impressed by Laurie's guitar work. They played together, and developed a rapport. When Andy returned to England, it was to the news that Ted was leaving the band. In the face of this bombshell, he thought immediately of Laurie as a replacement. Laurie joined the band in 1974 and stayed with them for 12 years.

After leaving Wishbone Ash, Laurie toured with Tina Turner. In 1992, Tina's manager, Roger Davies, took over managing Joe Cocker. Roger wanted to change the direction of Cocker's band, so he asked Laurie to come along. Laurie toured with Cocker for a while, and also did some work with Roger Chapman. He appeared on Chapman's 1992 "Under No Obligation" album as guitarist and co-songwriter, and toured with him in Germany and England.

In 1993 he and Jimmy Martin formed a band called Glory Glory, and recorded an album in London. The two have been friends since the "Just Testing" tour, and Laurie played the guitar on Jimmy's last album, "The Rhythm of Life". Later that year, Laurie was on the road in England with a covers band called 4 Bills and a Ben. This was formed to benefit the Starlight Foundation, which helps to grant wishes to children with incurable diseases.

Most recently, Laurie and songwriter/vocalist John Warman have formed a band called Little Devils. The other members are Ian Gibbons (keyboards), John Lingwood (drums), and Steve Barnacle (bass). They made their debut at the Half Moon in Putney in October, and hope to get a CD together some time in the future.

Of his future plans, Laurie says,"This band I'm getting together at the moment is really just a fun thing. If it develops into something, that would be good. I might be doing a guitar teaching video at some point, possibly an instrumental album, maybe even singing again."

During October and November of 1998, Laurie was in Europe taking part in the Night Of The Proms tour.

As well as occasional gigs with the Little Devils, Laurie, is continuing his work with Roger Chapman and the Shortlist and he plays on all tracks of the latters recent CD, "A Stone Unturned?".

Most recently, Laurie sat in with Wishbone Ash at the Shepherd Bush 30th Anniversary concert, making it a truly memorable event.

Our best to Laurie and all his future projects