Ben Granfelt

After having played with numerous groups, critically acclaimed Finnish guitarist Ben Granfelt formed his own band in 1993. Ever since the Ben Granfelt Band was formed, the trio has toured Germany, the UK and the US and done countless tours in Finland. He is accompanied by top session drummer Miri Miettinen and young bass "wunderkind" Lauri Porra.

Alongside of The Ben Granfelt Band, Ben's most prominent bands include

  • Gringos Locos (1986 - 1991), which released 3 albums.
  • Guitar Slingers (1991-1999), which also released 3 albums.
  • Leningrad Cowboys (1991-1998), 5 albums.
  • Wishbone Ash (2001- )

With the Cowboys he played all around the planet in over 20 countries including Japan and Australia as well as at the 1994 MTV Awards gala in New York. He wrote most of the bands original material.

On his new album "All I want to be" Ben takes a big step forward as a singer and songwriter with material ranging from driving catchy rock such as "Keep Tomorrow Free" to the beautiful melodic instrumental "Power of Passion". The fact that he is a brilliant guitar player who knows his chops and when to use them can be heard thru out the whole album.

Ben has toured succesfully with Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash. Last year when he performed as special guest at the Wishbone Ash 30th Anniversary Concert at the Shepperd Bush Empire in London the concert was filmed for a full lenght live video wich was released at the same time as the new album.

It should also be mentioned that Ben wrote and performed the 1997 ice hockey world championship TV theme. This song - "Slap Shot" - can be found on Ben's third CD "Live".He also has his own "Guitar Corner" in a TV music program wich was nominated for a Venla (a Finnish Grammy award) last year.The program DYNAMO still runs on finnish TV.

For more up to date info check out


  • "The Truth" (1994) on Megamania Records
  • "Radio Friendly" (1996) on Megamania Records
  • "Live!" (1997) on Megamania Records
  • "E.G.O" (1999) on Megamania Records, also released in the EU and the US on Powerbrigth / Voiceprint
  • "All I Want To Be" (2001) on Megamania Records
  • "Live at the Shepperds Bush Empire" (2001) 60 min. video on Megamania Records/Sprucefield Oy Ltd

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