Your Dog

Now that I can be,
once and finally,
all that you want me to be,
not so sure that it serves me well;
the person you want me to be.

Lovers need to be free from tyranny
as they're working it through.
Took some time for the mist to clear;
it may take time for you.

Feel I'm left with an open wound;
not made the best of my time.
The break was made not a moment too soon;
I must be cruel to be kind.

Lovers need to react with empathy
as they're working it through.
Leaving time for some tea and sympathy,
something we did not do.

Can't be your dog, your fool,
your crutch, your tool.
Am I able to make myself clear?
Damned if I do or don't,
bend to your will, I won't.
We never made anything clear.

Lovers should trust each other equally,
respect all that they do.
Find the space to live and let live,
something we did not do.