In Crisis

Driving into Delaware
Dealing with the daily grind
I got plenty to handle
for a troubled mind
This bridge is a memorial
to the victims of a war
She and I and you survive
but I can't take it any more
I feel like walking out the door
Up in the sky, I see the sign
Are you in crisis? Call this line
We can ease your trouble mind
It takes a minute of your time

Wrecked and disconnected
I join the throng on 95
Idling in the slow lane
I'm thinking over all those lies
It's a hopeless situation,
a challenge to survive
It could be very easy,
stop the car and take a dive
But I don't,
and I check toI need some contemplation
But it's not my style at all
Ultimate negation
Yes, I'll surely make the call
Strange what is needed these days
To bring our thoughts around
But it pulls me to my senses
I am lost, could I be found?
Yeah, guess I'll turn this car around